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Bylaws, Reports, Governance Details, Forms

Camaraderie in Huntington, NY

Most of this info is boring, so here is some fun!


Board of Trustees (2013-2014)

Michael Goldsmith     President                      2011-2015

Liza Burby                    Vice President             2013-2016

Jean Marra                   Treasurer                    2013-2014

Susan Kenler                Secretary                     2011-2014

Royal Forest                 Past President             2010-2014

Matthew Barish          Trustee                         2011-2014

Rob Finkel                     Trustee                        2012-2015

Evelyn Krell                 Trustee                        2012-2015

Amy Olander               Trustee                        2013-2016



UUFH Bylaws effective 2013-04-07

Budgets and Financial Reports:

2012-13 Budget #6 (final) adjusted for salaries

2011-2012 Summary Budget for the Fellowship Year

2010-2011 Budget presented and passed at the Annual Meeting, Part 2, on June 6, 2010


Board of Trustees (BOT) Meeting Minutes:

BOT Minutes 2014-03-03

BOT Minutes 2014-02-10

BOT Minutes 2014-01-06

BOT Minutes 2013-12-02

BOT Minutes 2013-11-04

BOT Minutes 2013-10-07

BOT Minutes 2013-09-30

BOT Minutes 2013-08-19 Draft (1)

BOT Minutes 2013-06-17 (approved)

BOT Minutes 2013-05-20

BOT Minutes 2013-04-15

BOT Minutes 2013-03-18

BOT Minutes 2013-02-04

BOT Minutes 2013-01-21

BOT Minutes 2012-12-17

2012-10-1 BOT Minutes

2012-09-4 BOT Minutes

2012-05-21 BOT Minutes


Policy Manuals

2014-02-17 Policy and Procedure Manual

2013-04-07 Policy Manual

2009-04-07 Policy Manual

2011-8-15 Personnel Policy Manual

2010-01 Building Use Policies Booklet

2011-02-28 Fundraising Policy

Wish List Policy approved 2012-06-18


Other Details:

Restructured Organizational_Chart_(9-26-12)

2010 Annual Report (June)

2010 Annual Report (April)

2009 Annual Report (June)

2009 Annual Report (April)

2009 Annual Report (April) – Affiliated Minister Addendum


Member and Friend Information Form:

A UUFH Directory is produced annually. We would like to be sure that we

  1. Have your permission to publish your contact info,  and
  2. That we have accurate records.

Please submit your contact information via the new UUFH input form HERE! Thank you.

Forms for Download:

2013-2014 Pledge Form

Direct Payment Authorization

Wish List Form approved 2012-06-18

Reimbursement form

Split Plate/Charity of the Month Application (2013-02-01)

Beyond Our Walls Application for Major Philanthropy (2014-02-01)

2013 Plant Sale Order Form

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington (UUFH)
109 Browns Road Huntington, NY 11743
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