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Grant Program

Beyond Our Walls (BOW) – Major Philanthropy Grant Program

*Beyond Our Walls Grant Application for Major Philanthropy (2016-04-17)

The Beyond Our Walls (BOW) Committee solicits and reviews applications and makes recommendations for the funding of outreach projects through a major philanthropy line in our operating budget.

Our minister, the members of the UUFH Board of Trustees, and the BOW committee enthusiastically encourage your ideas and our combined involvement in the planning and carrying out of these member initiated projects and events.

*Together, we can move mountains! *

Our grant recipients for 2013 are:

Soldier’s Project/ An Afternoon of R& R for Military Women: $2,200

This program is aimed at supporting female troops who, in addition to facing the trauma of war, also face sexual abuse. Through this day of relaxation and ongoing mental help support, this program will provide services these women need. Look for opportunities to further support this program through our RE classes and through volunteering to share your talents for the event.

2014 Note:

The Soldiers Project is a national program established to provide free psychological services to military personnel who have served since 9/11. The Long Island Chapter is proud to have been selected by UUFH Beyond Our Walls Committee (BOW) for one of the Fellowship “outside giving” donation programs. The BOW program has selected the Military Women’s R&R project for dedicated funding.

The Soldiers Project is holding two events in September and November 2014. UUFH is accepting donations of sample sizes of women’s toiletries and cosmetics to contribute to their gift bags. Donation box/basket will be located in Hallway. Thank you.

Marisa Comple

North Shore Holiday House-New Science Center: $1,400

Holiday House provides a free, sleep away camp to impoverished girls ages 7-11. With help from our funding, a science program aimed at instilling interest and confidence to pursue science, math, and technology careers will be added to the summer camp curriculum. This science and discovery center will help to enrich the girls’ experience. Ask about volunteer opportunities at this camp.

LI Commmunity Argriculture  Network/Gateway Garden $1,000

We are proud to once again give support to this successful community garden in Huntington Station. Funds will be used to hire a garden mentor who will work with gardeners and children’s groups. We wish the Gateway growers continued success.

Give to Grow Garden: $770:

A UUFH project aimed at building congregational community while donating fresh food to local food banks. There is much to do to get our garden growing and volunteers are needed. Check the Beacon and Flash for updates and volunteer opportunities.

Dutabare Foundation: $500

Given in support of the program to help start an HIV/AIDS education and medical support program in Burundi.

Grant Program

Proposal deadline is April 15, 2015.
Please submit completed applications to the BOW committee at  Please feel free to contact the BOW committee with any questions.

Beyond Our Walls Grant Application for Major Philanthropy (2016-04-17)

Request for Applications

Do you have a local social justice project or agency you’re involved with? We’d like to help you help others. Our BOW program is designed to discover opportunities for the UUFH to employ our resources to support the important social justice work that needs doing in our community. Currently, BOW has approximately $4,000 available to support several projects.

In the past, BOW provided vital funding to Community Gardens, Burundi Scholarships, the Huntington Food Council, Housing Help, and HIHI.

Follow the link below for a BOW application or find one on the table in the UUFH foyer. Please submit completed applications to the UUFH office. Proposals are evaluated annually in early spring. Please feel free to contact BOW members or the UUFH Office for due dates or other questions and concerns. Thank you.


“To use the Fellowship’s collective financial resources to support UUFH members in working toward social justice and social service beyond our walls.”


The Beyond Our Walls Committee shall consist of 6 board-appointed members who will have staggered 3-year terms. The Beyond Our Walls (BOW) Committee shall:

  1. Review written proposals for events/projects that will be submitted for consideration of funding.
  2. Set up criteria by which proposals will be requested, accepted, reviewed, and recommended for funding (including its overall soundness and thoroughness of planning, proposed timeline, budgetary requirements, degree and breadth of involvement of congregants, core group commitment, and post-event evaluation process.)
  3. Present a list of “suitable” projects/events to the Board of Trustees for approval in the Spring for the next congregational year.
  4. Advocate for congregants to consider leaving endowment money specifically targeted toward philanthropy.
  5. Accept and review applications for the Sunday Split Plate monies, recommend the Split Plate recipient for each month of the Fellowship year, and forward the information to Stewardship for implementation.

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