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Green Sanctuary

Introduction to the Green Sanctuary Initiative

The world faces an enormous environmental challenge. Though no one alone is called to solve the world’s problems, we are called to do our part. The leaders of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington have voted to join other UU congregations who have committed to becoming accredited Green Sanctuary Congregations.

The call for ecological awareness stems from our seven Principles. Our spiritual orientation shapes our moral values which question the social, economic and political systems we have helped create. The quest for justice and healing of the Earth impels us to re-examine our daily patterns of life: how we live, what and how much we consume and who controls the distribution of costs and benefits in our society. In our faith community, we turn to worship, celebration, study and reflection to find the courage, strength and patience to continue our quest for a just and sustainable future for all beings.

News from the Green Sanctuary – May 2012

A new recycling system to enhance and facilitate a greener disposal of our coffee hour cast-offs is in the works. The Green Sanctuary Initiative will be setting up the multiple, clearly-labeled receptacles against the wall in front of the kitchen counter. Plastics, paper, and cardboard will all be accepted as will non-meat food scraps in a separate composting bin. This additional recycling center GSI will ensure the Fellowship is meeting its stated commitment to more environmentally sound management of its various resources.

Sustainable Living – The Green Sanctuary Project

Monthly Meetings will be announced.

The Unitarian Universalist Association recently accepted our Fellowship as a candidate for accreditation to their Green Sanctuary program.

Please refer to The Green Sanctuary Manual.

If you care about our earth, climate change and its effects on our lives, about fracking for natural gas in NY, about what some other countries are doing to deal with global warming, join our endeavor however you are able.

Ethical Eating

Bi-monthly. Schedule will be announced.

7:30 – 9:30 p.m.

In sync with the Ethical Eating Statement of Conscience of our denomination (see, we will discuss how we can keep healthful eating in the minds of our Fellowshippers.

Topics for our meetings:

  • Sponsoring additional vegetarian cooking classes.
  • Harvesting, cooking and sharing pumpkin goodies with the congregation this fall will conclude this year’s pumpkin project with the Religious Exploration children
  • Advocating on behalf of the local Huntington Station food pantry and the Huntington community organic gardens project
  • Providing updates via the Beacon on food issues and organizations such as The Organic Consumers’ Association’s campaign to preserve strict organic standards
  • Discussing what actions we may take in regard to Monsanto (a US-based multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation) and the industrial agricultural lobby
  • Accessing the work of PAN (Pesticide Action Network, “an international coaltion of around 600 NGOs, citizens’ groups, and individuals in about 60 countries.”)

We’d love to have you join us with your energy and new ideas or … even if you just want to learn more!

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington (UUFH)
109 Browns Road Huntington, NY 11743
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