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Journey Toward Wholeness (JTW)

Journey Towards Wholeness is a group working to raise awareness about racism’s negative effects on all and to decrease racism in our world.

Mission Statement

We covenant to:

  • Explore and broaden the congregation’s and our own awareness of personal, institutional, and cultural racism
  • Stimulate the UUFH as an institution and encourage members to work toward becoming a proactive, anti-racist, anti-oppressive, multicultural faith community;
  • Further this faith community’s quest for wholeness through self-reflection, training, education, experience, and action.


Huntington Branch NAACP Meetings are held every 3rd Thursday at the South Huntington Library at 7:00 PM.

Helping to Support the Working Poor

The 2012 interfaith celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. at the Suffolk Jewish Community Center (JCC) was an innovative hit. As an afternoon event involving area choirs and various children’s groups, the gathering served as an excellent family day of service in support of Dr. King’s dream to end childhood hunger. Heather Forest’s jaunty rendition of Stone Soup set the stage for local action: planting a row of fresh produce for area pantries in our backyard plots.

The Fellowship was well represented in both the audience and on the singing stage. Rep. Steve Israel spoke forcefully about the need to support our working poor and highlighted recent Brentwood high school senior Samantha Garvey’s feat of earning semi-finalist status as an Intel talent contestant while living in a homeless shelter with her family. It was inspirational to learn Samantha would attend the President’s State of the Union address in Washington despite her family’s ongoing struggles with poverty and healthcare.

Tasty “Noah’s Pudding” was on hand at the reception (care of LI’s Turkish Cultural Center) to be enjoyed while browsing the comprehensive information booths related to anti-hunger measures we could take locally: free seeds were available.


Buildings Bridges: Black, Brown, and White, a project of Herstory Writers Workshop is an opportunity for women of various races, faiths and class backgrounds to be linked by the task of crafting their life stories together. Women who otherwise might not have come to know one another, have developed a community rich in healing and empowerment, extending into many areas of their lives, transcending the barriers of race, culture, educational and economic differences that so often prevent us from hearing one another. With this project healing and human rights education co-exist.

This project is a collaborative undertaking sponsored by Herstory Writers Workshop, the NAACP Huntington Branch, and the Journey Toward Wholeness Committee and the Lifespan Exploration Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington.

We have been awarded a matching grant from the Unitarian Universalist Association Fund For Social Responsibility. A contribution will be matched so that all women, including those from the women’s prison project, will be able to participate regardless of their financial situation.

For more information please go to: Karma411 Herstory Campaign

For more information about our mission:

The Anti-Racism and Diversity Committee (ARDC)

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC)

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington (UUFH)
109 Browns Road Huntington, NY 11743
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