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Sermons (Text)

Sermons are available for download as Word documents or PDFs. Please select your preference.

2015-02-28 Reverence-of-Doubt Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF

2015-01-25 The Longest Road, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2015-01-18 Don’t Sleep Through the Revolution, Rev. Starr Austin. Word docx or PDF

2015-01-04 Swimming-Upstream, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-12-24 We-Desert-Amblers, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-12-07 All Will Be Well, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-12-07 Anger in the Season of Joy, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-11-23 Solidarity Not Charity, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-11-16 Turning Toward, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-11-09 Radical Hospitality, Starr Austin. Word docx or PDF.

2014-10-26 The Promise of Equity and Compassion ,Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-10-12 Order and Chaos,Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-10-05 Purpose, Meaning & Encounter,Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-09-28 To Forgive, Starr Austin. Word docx or PDF.

2014-09-21 From You I Receive, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-09-14 Home When It Is-Hard To Find, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-09-07 Water Communion, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-08-24 Pilgrims on the Road, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-08-10 Love the Hell Out of This World, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-07-14 Reimagining Independence, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-06-01 Liminal Spaces, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-05-11 Mother’s Day – To Be Real, Rev. Jude Geiger.  Word docx or PDF.

2014-04-20 Easter Sunday Sermon: Living a Life of Meaning, Rev. Jude Geiger.  Word docx or PDF.

2014-04-06 The Agnostic Disciple, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-03-16 The Nature of Evil, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

shoesThis sermon topic was a 2013 Services Auction purchase. Together, Rev. Jude and a Fellowshipper crafted the sermon.

2014-03-02 A Place For All, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-02-23 A Living Legacy, Rev. Jude Geiger.  Word docx or PDF.

2014-01-26 The Language of Faith Spanning Cultures: A tribute to the International Council of Unitarian Universalists

2014-01-19 Living the Dream, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

2014-01-12 The Art of Worship, Rev. Jude Geiger.  Word docx or PDF.

2014-01-05 The Work of Christmas, Rev. Jude Geiger. Word docx or PDF.

The following links are all Word docx format. For PDF format, kindly email Thank you.

2013-12-24 The Shepherd Who Stayed – Homily, Christmas Eve Contemplative Service, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-12-24 Each Child That Is Born – Homily, Christmas Eve Family Service family, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-12-08 The Still Point. Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-12-01 Return Again, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-11-24 Hunger Communion, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-11-3 Room For All, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-10-27 – Muddy Feet, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-10-20 – UN Sunday Integrated Remarks, Ben Testa and Alley Wolff

2013-10-13 – Ageing Gracefully, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-10-06 Infancy – The First Frontier, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-09-29 Moving Forward, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-09-15 Atonement, when you’re already forgiven, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-09-08 How Are You Called?, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-08-25 Seasons In Our Lives, Rev.  Jude Geiger

2013-08-11 Stories, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-08-04 CPR for the Soul, Rev. Jude Geiger (first service as settled minister)

2013-06-16 If You Build it they will come, Rev. Nancy O. Arnnold’s final sermon at UUFH

2013-05-05 Religious PTSD – Rev. Nancy O. Arnold


2013-04-21 Pastoral Prayer – Boston Marathon – Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-04-21 The Spirited Life – Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-04-14 Start As We Mean To Continue – Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-04-07 – Evolution and the Spirit of Life – Andrew Feigin



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