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Sunday Services often include a variety of spoken words, music and ideas. No two services are ever alike.

Front DoorVideocasts

2014-08-03 Steve Burby: Faust and the Transcendentalists

2014-03-16 The Nature Of Evil: Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-12-15 Matt Meyer: A Great Cloud of Witness

2013-12-08 The Still Point, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-11-24 Hunger Communion, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-11-17 Adoption and our UU Principles,

Rich Buley-Neumar

2013-11-10 Bread And Roses Too, Rose Schwab,  UU Seminarian

2013-11-03 Room for All, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-10-27 All Soul’s Day, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-10-20 UUUNO Sunday, Ben Testa Liasion

2013-10-13 REV Geiger Installation

The Charge  |  Installation | Sermon

2013-10-13 Ageing Gracefully, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-10-06 Infancy: The First Frontier, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-09-29 Moving Forward, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-09-15 Atonement When You Are Already Forgiven, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-09-08 How Are You Called?, Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-08-25 Seasons In Our Lives, Rev. Jude Geiger (Last 15 minutes missing; Please read printed version for the conclusion. Sorry!)

2013-08-11 Stories (sermon), Rev. Jude Geiger

2013-08-04 CPR for the Soul, First Sunday Service by new settled Minister, Rev. Jude Geiger (edited to include sermon, intro and closing, approximately 20 minutes.)

2013-04-28 Interdependence Day, Sunday Service led by Rev. Nancy O. Arnold

2013-04-21 Worship  Service Opening, Sermon and Benediction

2013-04-21 Rev Jude Accepts!

Audio Recordings of Services:

August 4, 2013 – Rev. Jude Geiger – CPR for the Soul, Rev. Geiger’s first service as Settled Minister at UUFH

May 5, 2013 – Rev. Nancy O. Arnold – Religious PTSD

April 14, 2013 – Rev. Jude Geiger’s Candidating Week Opening Service: Begin as We Intend to Continue

April 14, 2013 – Rev. Jude Geiger’s Candidating Week Sermon ONLY: Begin as We Intend to Continue

December 24, 2012 – Christmas Eve Family Service: A UU Pageant


Sunday Services for people of all faiths with Sunday School and childcare


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