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Sunday Services

Sunday Services begin at 10:30 am, last approximately one hour and are followed by social time.


November 2015 Services

Theme: Ancestry

Nov. 8 – Heretics and Architects:
Religion for the Free-Range Spiritualists Our history is full of radicals and institutionalists who left their mark on our spiritual DNA. What are the particular spiritual challenges to a religion that has built up as much as it has broken down? Today will be a service honoring our newest members to our Fellowship.
~ Rev. Jude preaching; Isabella Johnson will provide musical accompaniment.

Nov. 15 – Hospitality and Community
Guest Speaker Sadie Lansdale
Sadie Lansdale is a seminarian at Union Theological Seminary. Sadie is a lifelong member of the River Road UU Congregation in Bethesda, Maryland and a member of the Fourth Universalist Society in New York City. She published a piece titled “To Bow and to Bend,” in the fall 2015 edition of the UU World. ~ Isabella Johnson will provide musical accompaniment

Nov 22 – Emptiness in the Land of Plenty: Food Deserts on Long Island SPC members Kenneth Buley Neumar and Amy Edel-Vaughn, leaders.~ Music by Richard Hyman and the UUFH Choir.

Nov. 29 – Thanksgiving for the Rest of Us On this national holiday weekend, we’ll reflect on the complicated lessons of gratitude in light of a national story that is both full of hope and burdened by a legacy of pain. ~ Rev. Jude preaching; Isabella Johnson will provide musical accompaniment.

December 2015 Servicesdec-expectation

Theme: Expectation

 December 6: “Waiting for Peter Pan” Sometimes expectations keep us back from living the lives right in front of us. Rev. Jude preaching; Isabella on piano.

December 13: (Hanukkah Observed) “When Miracles Happen Anyway” We don’t always find ourselves open to hope, newness, or the miraculous suddenly breaking into our routines or times of hardship. Hanukkah reminds us to always keep our eyes open for possibility. Rev. Jude preaching; choir singing.

December 20: Annual Multigenerational Winter Festival of Peace and Lights. This family friendly service is co-led by our Senior High youth group, Rev. Jude preaching; choir singing.

December: 24: 5:00 pm Christmas Eve Family Pageant Service 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Rev. Jude preaching; choir singing.

December 24: 7:00 pm Christmas Eve Contemplative Service. Rev. Jude preaching; choir singing. Bring mittens, hats and scarves for the mitten tree.
Mitten Tree – Christmas Eve Service
Remember your mittens, hats, gloves and scarves of many sizes and colors for our annual Christmas Eve Mitten Tree. Your donations will be provided to Huntington’s Family Service League.

December 27: “Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable”
As we look toward a new year and traditionally make resolutions, we’ll explore the potential value in taking the challenge of “Getting Comfortable in Being Uncomfortable” and applying it to our personal and spiritual lives in 2016′ Service will be co-led by Amy Edel Vaughn and Ken Buley-Neumar; Isabella on piano.

Sunday Worship Services and Children’s Religious Education are held at 10:30 a.m. Free child care is always available. At the rear of the sanctuary, a glass-enclosed Family Room enables parents of infants and toddlers to participate in the service without worrying that their youngsters are disturbing the rest of the congregation. Free professional child care is provided in the Nursery.
Our services are accessible to hearing impaired, disabled, and visibly impaired persons.

Sunday Services

Rev. Jude GeigerSunday services at UUFH are an expression of the diversity in spiritual, secular and human philosophies. Each provides time to explore faith and ethical traditions, sing and share joys and concerns. Services are engaging and stimulating with a choir and music that is lively and entertaining. You are always welcome!

Services begin at 10:30 am, last about one hour and are followed by social time.

The UUFH has a strong tradition of lay-led Ministry. The Reverend Jude Geiger,  Minister, presents approximately two out of every three services. The Sunday Program Committee plans the remaining services, often including outside speakers and UUFH members.

Upcoming sermons are listed in the Calendar. Service themes might include:

  • Finding meaning in one’s life
  • Learning from the wisdom and teachings of world leaders
  • Celebrating interconnectedness
  • Addressing ethical and social issues
  • GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender) recognition
  • Honoring UU heritage
  • Inspiring faith
  • Christmas, Hanukkah, Passover, Easter and other holidays
  • World events

A mix of seriousness, humor and craft creates a thought-provoking, warm and engaging service that varies week-to-week. There are some recurring elements, such as “Lighting the Chalice” and sharing “Joys and Concerns.”

Sunday School at UUFH includes time in Worship Service

Children are a special and important part of the UUFH congregational family. On most Sundays, children attend the first 20-25 minutes of service with their families and are invited to interact with a story or a personal experience before joining their Religious Education (Sunday school) classes. Several times each year, “inter-generational services” are celebrated in which the children participate in the entire service together with adults.

The UUFH Music Director, Richard Hyman, leads music that is integral and meaningful to services, often but not always with the participation of the choir. Instrumentalists and vocalists perform in small groups or individually to enhance other services.

Choir & guitar

There’s no dress code at services. You are as likely to find sweaters and blue jeans as you are a shirt and tie or casual business attire. Please come and be comfortable.


Following the service, there is a social hour with coffee and snacks. This is an opportunity to talk with the minister and to meet members.

Dance and drumming

A table in the foyer holds literature on UUFH and Unitarian Universalism. Please ask questions and sign the UUFH mailing list.

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